Thursday, April 10, 2008


It took me quite a while to get the whole microphone thing going first of all. Then I realized that I just am not fluent enough to record without a script. After writing that, the recording went a little better. Not being very techie or even handy, it took me a while to transfer this to an mp3 file. But I did it and it is sitting on my desktop. And now it is on podbeam:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Blue 2.0 Review

Just going back over all the assignments for each Blue 2.0 section to see if anything is left to do. I noticed that I had not blogged about instant messaging but I did set up the account and try it out using AIM. It definitely has its purpose although it can be a little distracting when you are in the middle of a project! We have been testing Crafty Librarian this week so the instant messaging was a good rehearsal for that and I think we are going to try doing this from the reference desk while we are on our two hour shifts there.

I think the only thing I have not done yet is the podcast. I did go through the unit and listen to several of them. I will try to get that done next week. Not having a microphone here has been a small obstacle. But I realize there are some at Young that we can borrow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Social Networking

In addition to my accounts on Facebook and MySpace, I now have a linked in account. The address for this is: I am interested in explore this more. Also am going to explore ping since I keep hearing that name, but don't know yet if I will set up an account for that. I feel a little quilty taking up all this space on these sites! Feelin piggy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Social Networking
Feeling a little odd posting my identify on Facebook and MySpace. Even took one of those pictures of myself that my daughter is always doing. Is this making me younger? I was more familiar with MySpace than Facebook as I have been a lurker at my daughter's invitation. Setting them up seemed about the same level of difficulty to me. I liked being able to add my son in law's song on My Space. Take a couple of minutes to listen to it. He is a great songwriter and performer. My MySpace address is My Facebook is I need to spruce up the Facebook profile but there I at least have some friends!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Have established my Flickr account and uploaded some photos to it. I organized three sets of photos --- some of grandchildren, some pets, and some from Nancy's wedding. I have used snapfish before to organize photos but it is nice to try other systems. I also set up an account so I can upload photos from my cell phone. I will try that next. I would take a photo now but the cell phone does not work down in the depths of the medical center library basement! To go to my Flickr photos...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The end of lesson 7/8

Went back to review the playing section so I could report the activity. I worked with the onliine photo editors, created an igoogle page, set up a twitter account, found some neat stuff I could use for work on slideshare, and explored sites via Technorati. So many possibilities!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Play? I've been doing it. Been working with the photograph editors. Fun. Also, did some work in play on slideshare. Found some good slide ideas for our grand rounds talk in April. Also set up another wiki related to work. This is in progress still. It is meant to be a quick guide for clinicians to find the right type of information for their clinical questions. Here is the site: If it looks helpful, it might be part of the grand rounds on what clinicians need to know. Going to work on the advanced blogging next. Was very impressed with the Dean's Blog. Oh, and also set up an Igoogle web page with some neat links.
Yup. Having fun. And learning.